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The principle of automatic inductive trash can

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2017

Product introduction

The automatic inductive garbage bin is controlled by a circuit chip, which is composed of an infrared detection device and a mechanical electronic drive system. As long as the object close to the induction area, the lid will open automatically, objects or hands off the induction zone after a few seconds the lid will automatically shut down, no external power supply, battery powered, with low power consumption. Combined with infrared induction and microcomputers, the exquisite streamlined appearance induction design, flexible and convenient, without manual or foot step, can easily lose the garbage. In addition, it is convenient for health and reliable performance to help you effectively prevent contact infection.

Operation description

1, open the lid of the battery box, put it in the battery (pay attention to the positive and negative pole), and cover the battery cover. Put the barrel inside the barrel, cover the head of the bucket, open the power supply quickly, the induction lamp is red and the head starts to work.

2, when you are ready to throw the trash into the bucket, the lid will turn on as long as the object or hand is near the 15cm. After 5-6 seconds of the object or hand, the lid automatically closes.

3. The lid can be opened or closed manually through the two buttons at the mouth of the induction.

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