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How To Design A Pedal Trash Can

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

  How to design a pedal trash can

  How to design a trash? Trash is actually the corner of the city, good design can also play a good role.

  Whether the pedal trash can be coordinated with the environment is controversial. A view that the trash to be eye-catching, or convenient move has become inconvenient move. Another point of view that should be subtle and hidden, otherwise the scenery is excellent, chu a urn, very unpleasant.

  The design of the pedal trash can also become humorous:

  When people began to write in the trash on the similar "Please keep the environment clean and tidy", "Please do not litter" and so with a little command to remind the tone, pedal trash can but also from the side reflects the lack of environmental protection and awareness of social reality, while the This is not serious behavior seriously. And some such as "please feed me!" Like the witty words began to enter people's attention, from the serious reminder to the relaxed ridicule, which not only shows the progress of social civilization, but also from another aspect of the city people in the tense Find a sense of humor in life.

  Trash need to be classified design:

  The classification of garbage reflects the human action for the protection of their homes, the use of color design, easy to understand graphic symbol design, pedal trash can container design and special photographic and sensing technology, the designer greatly improved from the visual effects The people of the classification of consciousness and behavior.

  To promote the garbage will be thrown into the trash, environmental protection depends on everyone to work together.

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