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How To Distinguish The Good And Bad Of Plastic Pedal Trash Cans

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

pedal trash cans are the most common in life, each person will create a lot of rubbish every day, whether it is the work of the garbage or the life of the rubbish, all need to hold the pedal trash can, the most common trash bin is the plastic dustbin, not only convenient and good quality, then how to distinguish the plastic pedal trash cans? Today let the pedal trash cans manufacturers say how to distinguish the good or bad of plastic pedal trash cans.

1. Color: First look at the color of plastic dustbin, good quality plastic dustbin, plastic dustbin color bright, have a good gloss, and poor quality of plastic dustbin, the pedal trash can the color of the dark mute, gloss is not enough.

2. Weight: Plastic waste bins of equal size, if using the same material, of course, the heavier the better, not the integrity of the plastic dustbin manufacturers, will be in the plastic dustbin to add stone powder, so that the weight of plastic pedal trash can increase, resulting in the plastic dustbin toughness reduced, easy to rupture, plastic dustbin life greatly shortened.

3. Quality: In the purchase of plastic dustbin can be pressed plastic pedal trash cans, so that it has a certain deformation and observation, if not cracked, the plastic dustbin is relatively good quality, poor quality plastic dustbin toughness extremely bad, a little pressure will rupture.

The purchase of plastic pedal trash can also have so much to pay attention to, now the dustbin not only style novel, material is very much, color is also very colorful, pedal trash can also be used as one of the home decoration.

pedal trash cans are essential to life, it is used to load our daily life garbage, food packaging, work waste paper and so on, without it may life will be messy, summer to, pedal trash cans day does not clean up, it is easy to stink to attract insects, then in addition to daily cleaning pedal trash cans in addition to the garbage, What else do you need to do? Today let the pedal trash cans manufacturers say pedal trash cans stink how to do.

1. Garbage does not stay overnight: Small flies are due to the garbage in the eggs and nutrients, coupled with the summer dry and humid, and its growth and breeding extremely fast. Rubbish, especially kitchen waste, should be dumped in time. Generally speaking, the office of the word every night to throw out the rubbish, before work in the morning to throw away the breakfast rubbish; families in the daytime have to make sure to throw it once a day, throw it once before bedtime, and do not spend the night.

2: Spraying pesticides: If you too often throw rubbish too much trouble, you can prepare a bucket of pesticides, every day to the garbage bag/bucket spray once, can effectively kill flies and eggs. Spray some pesticides at night, the garbage bag is catchy, and the next day the early morning garbage bag will not produce bugs.

3: Spray disinfection liquid: With an empty spray bottle on the disinfectant, each time the garbage bag on the inside of the spray two, will not be born flies.

Of course, cleaning the pedal trash cans every day is a must, in addition to the above methods, put a few of the garlic in the pedal trash can be sterilized in the role of the hot summer weather, the food must be poured into the garbage bag immediately, to prevent overnight leftovers will become rancid, regular cleaning and washing is also needed, Clean environment and sanitation still need to be maintained.

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