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Indoor Pedal Trash Cans Placed 9 Tips!

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Indoor pedal trash cans placed 9 tips!

pedal trash can have a certain impact on human health and wealth, so you can not ignore the location of the design, otherwise it will be lost. Here are some precautions for placing the trash:

1, should not put the trash on the door or can directly see the location.

2, should not put the indoor garbage bin at home in the center of Tai Chi and financial position.

3, garbage bin should not be exposed to its big principles. pedal trash cans and cleaning supplies, brooms, feather duster, flies and other symbols is bad luck, try to close in the place is not easy to direct touch, the so-called eye is not the net.

4, the bedroom generally should not put the trash, such as to put the lid must be put, and keep clean and beautiful.

5, rubbish bogey in the child, afternoon, Mao, unitary four is peach bit, and the fate of the Bureau, easy to move peach evil.

6, rubbish bogey on the twenty-four mountain dry Gua bit, or negative home owner's luck.

7, indoor litter bogey at home in the lighting, intake and angry, especially bogey is the south of the balcony, the window and the wind area.

8, rubbish bogey in the mysterious sky Star Star Star Star to "eight, nine, one" position, or easy to break the money and bring bad luck.

9, the trash every day must be empty garbage, clean and keep clean as the primary principle

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