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Long-term Non-cleaning Plastic Pedal Trash Can Become A Bacterial Culture Dish

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

  Long-term non-cleaning plastic pedal trash can become a bacterial culture dish

  Plastic pedal trash can have every household, in the use of plastic pedal trash when we generally and garbage bags supporting the use of garbage bags seem to use the trash after the trash can not have dirt, and that plastic pedal garbage Barrel naturally do not have to clean, but the fact is this? Of course not, plastic pedal trash can not become a bacterial dish if you do not use it for a long time.

  Home pedal trash daily liquidation once, also known as indoor pedal trash, due to the room, garbage is also particularly large, so the room atmosphere is contaminated

  Seemingly clean pedal trash, usually infected with a large number of bacteria, bacteria and viruses, is one of the important indoor pollution sources, easy to harm the human health. Experts suggest that household pedal trash can be smaller capacity is appropriate, such as to allow people to regularly clean up garbage. The purchase of household pedal trash must also have a cover, and how to better buy indoor pedal trash.

  Experts show that household waste should be liquidated daily, especially in the bathroom can not be kept within the garbage. Because the bathroom is damp and dark, the bacteria are easy to multiply, so it is best to choose a small capacity pedal trash can. In addition, the use of garbage bags can be useful to stop the waste residue in the pedal trash, out of pollution generated. If the garbage bag damage, garbage leaked into the pedal trash, it will breed bacteria, so the pedal trash should always wash. Wash the brush with a brush to clean the disposal of the best, the best use of disinfectant disinfection, wash it after the dry, and then use.

  As for the waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste silver thermometer, overdue drugs and other toxic or hazardous waste, you need to be particularly quiet disposal of punishment, it is best not to mix in the garbage which. Daily check the room trash trash, the room atmosphere has a very good improvement

  That is, our own home of the plastic pedal trash will have a variety of dirt bacteria, not to mention the outdoor use of environmental pedal trash, and long-term clean, then it is easier to accumulate a variety of bacteria, especially now so hot and humid weather , It is more suitable for the survival of bacterial fungi survival.

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