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Pedal Trash Can Be Done With The Environment

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

  pedal trash can be done with the environment

  To make the trash and the environment should be appropriate to note the following:

  1. The shape of the pedal trash can be consistent with the placed environment. For example, between the trees in the stump shape, like a side of the grass side of the residual stumps; and if placed in the garden grass side of the pedal trash can be made of small mushrooms or rocks, the decoration, beautify the role of the environment is excellent.

  2. The style of the suitcase should be integrated into the placed environment (including the natural environment and human environment), so that the pedal trash can not only adhere to their own function, but also weaken the environment outside the content, play a huge role in the scene. Some painted properly as a trash and even played the role of garden sketches. Such as the water side of the pedal trash can be made on the shore of the small pagoda boat or a small lighthouse, or jump out of the water happy fish; bamboo edge of the pedal trash can be made of bamboo; garden square around the scenery Beautiful garden plant landscaping, the way of its pedal trash can be painted as a small tile-like; football field can be made of football and so on.

  3. Imitation of the natural environment of the trash should try to allow visitors to discover, for example, in the pedal trash cans printed on the unique symbol of the trash, even if the pedal trash can not have any text tips, some people can pass these symbols to clarify the function of these devices The In order to make visitors in the light of the existence of pedal trash can be found in the symbol to participate in the fluorescent agent.

  4. Try to prevent the environment from showing incompatible trash. Production of pedal trash cans of stainless steel, wood, stone, prefabricated concrete, plastic, glass, etc., not the same raw material of the suitcase should be placed in the appropriate environment. If the raw material of the suitcase and the environment is not in harmony, then the suitcase not only can not play the decoration, beautify the role of the environment, and will be the original beautiful scenery was no way to focus, so that the role of the play hit the buckle.

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