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Smart Trash China Intelligent Household Industry

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2016

Three industry experts to do a speech by China Internet industry associations, HC smart home network, sponsored by the Hong Kong Institute of embedded Internet joint trend pattern of new opportunities, "the fifth China intelligent household industry salon in HC headquarters in Beijing to a successful conclusion. Sensor trash can this salon "Twelve-Five ' planned smart home development" as its theme. And after numerous enterprises of the industry representatives, professional media people enthusiastic discussions and Exchange.

Title of the talk is the smart home market and development. Country total by interpreting State recently introduced Twelve-Five "planning combined with attention to media coverage of the Internet of things, Shanghai cubit Internet technology co CEO Gui Jiajia as the first speaker. Smart trash can for my full analysis of the smart home market and total market capacity, and target audience. GUI always talked about smart but not lose energy, invention for a low carbon society, direction to the development of energy-saving smart home systems, attention to user experience, and provide an open application, and other related value-added services.

Smart Home demand generated by induction type trash he can, the second speaker is Hou Guangmin, tongfang company limited the computer industry Manager. With the presence of experts and guests to explore. Meanwhile, also brings the same smart home products company G7 to illustrate the company in the field of intelligent home ideas and innovations. The G7 is based on technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, desktop audio products. Automatic trash can generally speaking, users do not need a separate source to go with their audio, audio connected to the Internet, you can get one of your own music from the cloud at any time.

Around products and services to the owner (customer and community property) developers, product supply service provider analysis from industry to Government support, industry standards, promotional angle, third speaker is from Beijing Technology Ltd Vice-President and Chief Engineer Wang Weiting. Intelligent sensor dustbin he topic is the Internet of things era aspects of smart home. Through the perspective of smart homes. Analysis of the external environment of the smart home as the city, community-friendly infrastructure. Chief Engineer Wang Weiting when introduced to a company committed to the home, embedded software and hardware product development, custom, production, sales, and urban water supply, water treatment, water supplies to a remote detection of system integration projects.

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