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Stainless Steel Pedal Trash Can Rust How To Do?

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

  Stainless steel pedal trash can rust how to do?

  pedal trash can can style and material variety, the general outdoor pedal trash can to use more stainless steel, because the stainless steel material is more durable, easy to be damaged. But the stainless steel pedal trash can long-term installation of all kinds of garbage will be rusty. Rusty how to do it?

  1. Stainless steel pedal trash can can be rusted by other metal attached to the rust, you can use cloth and neutral detergent scrub rusty place, and then clean with water, and then dry with a dry cloth, be careful not to neutral The cleaning agent is left on top.

  2. In the case of bustling streets by air pollution, you must regularly carry out anti-rust treatment, the situation is light when the use of soap and water cleaning.

  3. Cleaning workers in the cleaning time, as far as possible not to hand to touch the board trash, so hand pattern or hand dirt will lead to rust. At this time we can pour a little alcohol on the rag, acetone to clean up, and then use the cleaning liquid cleaning, and finally use the water to rinse the liquid, dry with a clean cloth.

  These methods can be very good to remove the outdoor stainless steel pedal trash can rust problem. If your home pedal trash can is also stainless steel, but also rusty, you can use these methods try yo.

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