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The Original Stainless Steel Pedal Trash Can Also Feel Very Beautiful

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

The original stainless steel pedal trash can also feel very beautiful

The use of pedal trash can be nothing more than outdoor and indoor two places. Two kinds of trash they have their own requirements, the following gives you a simple talk.

Outdoor pedal trash cans are generally in public places, it has special requirements on the environment, in the outdoor natural conditions to withstand high and low temperature, have sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness. Easy to clean with the environment. Different pedal trash can be placed in a different environment, if the trash and the environment is not coordinated, then it can not play the role of decoration, destruction of the natural scenery. At the same time in the design, perhaps a wide range of trash people do not think it is a trash, and as an art, so the trash manufacturers also need to print on the unique pedal trash cans, in order to prevent the weather is not easy to pay attention To the situation, you can also add signs in the fluorescent agent, let it more eye-catching.

In order to own a stainless steel pedal trash can have a common plan, or let the stainless steel trash into a common environment, the pedal trash can often only customize the style, standards, appearance and so on. The appearance of sophisticated, planning a common stainless steel pedal trash can not only pedal trash cans, but also a huge environment of the layout of technical products, works of art.

First need to determine the function of stainless steel trash with the use of the environment, more common not the same function: single classification, double classification, with a lid, with pedal and so on.

And then it is determined that the whole pattern of stainless steel trash, commonly used three ways to determine the style of stainless steel trash, in the existing style slightly modified; learn a variety of features in a planning; according to the need for new planning.

Second, the selection of stainless steel pedal trash cans of the external processing technology, commonly used appearance technology: light, sanding, embossing, etc., and be able to contact the same color.

Finally select the appropriate marked with the slogan, not only can cut the monotony of the trash, but also can clearly suggest that the same function.

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