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The Price Factor Of The Pedal Trash Can

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

  The price factor of the pedal trash can

  No matter what product you buy, the first thing most people want to know is price and quality.

  How much is a pedal trash? What are the factors that determine the price? The first is the quality of raw materials, the second is the specifications and size of the product, the third is the degree of ease of workmanship.

  1, raw materials will affect the price: the market is mainly divided into: steel, steel, plastic, marble, milk box material,pedal trash can and steel is divided into cold-rolled steel plate, stainless steel, iron; steel wood mainly divided into: anti-corrosion wood, ordinary wood, imported wood, sandalwood, paulownia and so on; raw materials are not the same, prices will fluctuate, mainly according to customer requirements, general stainless steel price is more than 1 time times cold-rolled steel plate,pedal trash can anti-corrosion wood than ordinary wood, etc.

  2, the specifications will affect the price: the same style of products, the overall size and size of the pitch is not the same, the raw materials are different, the price is not the same.

  3, the difficulty of the work will affect the price:pedal trash can the hard work will affect the duration and labor, we also know that today's social labor costs are quite high. So the harder the work, the higher the price.

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