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What Does The Color Of The Pedal Trash Can?

Taizhou Ouben Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

  What does the color of the pedal trash can?

  Usually different types of pedal trash cans are set to different colors, such as: green, red, blue, gray, yellow. So what do these colors mean?

  1. Green means kitchen garbage collection bucket

  Representative waste: bones offal, tea leaves, peel, waste edible oil, vegetable leaf vegetables, leftovers, fruit shells, residual leaves, etc.

  2. Red means a hazardous substance pedal trash can

  Representative waste: waste batteries, electronic products, expired daily cosmetics, waste paint barrels, mercury thermometer, waste computers, waste lamps,pedal trash can printer cartridges, expired drugs, expired daily cosmetics, pesticides, waste small appliances

  3. Blue means recycling and recycling of garbage

  Representative waste: glass, milk box, metal, rubber, plastic, cola bottle, paper, turtle shell, etc.

  4. Gray represents other garbage collection bucket

  Representative waste: cigarette butts, shells, disposable tableware, contaminated paper, textiles, dust, women's products and so on.

  5. Yellow usually represents the waste medical supplies,pedal trash can generally used in health stations, hospitals.

  Different color classification pedal trash cans mean different garbage collection, and can teach you how to achieve classification.

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